Water Smart Landscaping Strategies

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Due to the worsening drought conditions in the Denver area, water conservation has been the hot topic. But in addition to being water conscious, there are other ways to create a more drought-tolerant landscape. Landscapes can actually be strategically designed to withstand extra-dry conditions. The benefits of strategically designed landscapes go far beyond saving water, too. Thoughtfully designed landscapes create a beautiful scene all year long.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense website offers several strategies for achieving water-wise landscapes. But before we can get into those, you first have to make sure you know your landscape well. For example, one area of your landscape might have one type of soil and lots of exposure to the sun and wind, while another area might differ significantly in soil type and sun and wind exposure. Once you have a better idea of the factors at play with your landscape, you can then start to think and plan strategically.

An effective way to achieve a strategic landscape design is to create “hydrozones.” This method involves grouping plants with similar watering needs together by planting them in the same area. With hydrozones, you are less likely to overwater or underwater plants. It can also simplify the watering process when coordinated with your landscape’s irrigation system. All you’d have to do is set up your landscape irrigation system to water by zone.

similar plants grouped together
Project by Lifescape Associates

Incorporating landscape design strategies such as plant grouping by hydrozones will not only yield a beautiful landscape, but it will also help Colorado homeowners contribute to water conservation efforts.

Whether you’re ready to design the landscape for your new home or just want to revamp what you’ve got, the team at Lifescape is here to help. Our team can create the gorgeous landscape you’ve always dreamed of while also using water-wise landscaping strategies. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or contact us at 303-831-8310.