Early Spring Maintenance Tips for Denver Landscapes

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With a new season upon us, we know many of you are looking to make a few updates to refresh your landscapes and garden areas. But before you can start sprucing up for spring, there is a little bit of “housekeeping” that must be taken care of.

The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado recently shared some very helpful tips to keep in mind for early spring. With these tips, your landscape will be in prime condition and ready to bloom and beautify as the weather warms up!

  • Prune Non-Flowering Trees – Drought conditions in the Denver area have caused trees to become brittle and more likely to snap. Pruning will help protect trees from breakage, especially under the weight of any late-season snows.
  • Apply Mulch – Mulch is especially important to use during droughts. When water usage is restricted, a good layer of mulch will help keep moisture in the soil so plants are not deprived of hydration.
  • Rake Leaves and Remove Fruit – March is the time to rake leaves if you didn’t do it in the fall, as well as remove old fruit from any fruit or deciduous trees.
  • Check for Browning – Inspect evergreen and deciduous tress for dead buds and prune as needed.
  • Make a Wish List – After you’ve finished your housekeeping, it’s time for the real fun to begin! Now’s the time to start thinking about your dream spring landscape. What colors do you want to showcase? What new features would you like to add? What would make your outdoor living spaces even more enjoyable?

adding mulch to your landscape in early spring

You can find additional seasonal tips on the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado website, as well as in the organization’s weekly email newsletters.

And of course, the professionals here at Lifescape can always help you dust off your landscapes from the long winter and help you plan for a bright and beautiful spring landscape. Visit our website to learn more about our landscaping services for the Denver area, or feel free to contact us at 303-831-8310.

Image via Houzz