Sustainable Practices for Colorado Lawn Care

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Rules for maintaining a healthy lawn circa 1970:

  • Water lawns copiously. Feel free to let the water run into the sidewalk and gutters, providing a drinking hole for neighborhood pets.
  • Keep weeds at bay using toxic chemicals which pollute aforementioned water run off.
  • Use loud gasoline-powered mower in the wee hours of the morning to rouse the neighbors.

sustainable practices for Colorado landscapesWhew! Good thing times have changed. These days, Denver landscape maintenance is centered around sustainable practices for lawn care. Here at Lifescape we try to focus our landscape designs and maintenance around eco-conscious methodology. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) recommends the following:

  • Evaluate the Irrigation System. Makes sure your irrigation system makes sense. Is it watering areas where nothing needs to be watered? Is it programmed to water according to seasonal irrigation needs? See if there are rebates offered in your area for water-conscious irrigation.
  • Consider battery operated lawn mowers. If you live in an urban area with smaller patches of lawn, consider upgrading to a battery powered lawn mower. They are rechargeable, better for the environment than their fossil-fuel burning counterparts, and are easier on the ears.
  • Have you mulched today? Mulch is an excellent way to conserve water and cut down on weeding time. If you mow large expanses of lawn/grass, a mulching lawn mower is an efficient way to reuse the organic materials cut up and consumed by your mower.

If your Denver landscape maintenance could benefit from more sustainable practices, contact Lifescape. We are happy to make recommendations for healthy, happy, landscapes.

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