It’s Time to Start Planning Your Spring Garden

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Hibernation is only fun for so long. Rather than letting boredom get the best of you, let the increasing daylight hours inspire you and begin planning your spring garden. Colorado landscape designers are very thoughtful about creating designs that will be visually appealing in every season..

Planning your spring garden in advance will ensure your spring planting yields plenty of visual interest for humans, birds, and butterflies while conserving our most precious resource. If you’re in search of inspiration, below are a few ideas for Colorado landscapes suggested by Garden Guides:

Rock gardens – Rock gardens offer the benefit of a low-maintenance, yet unique garden space. Consider setting an area aside to use as a rock garden and choose some colorful rocks and drought resistant succulents for a most interesting focal point.

Drought tolerant plants – The best way to conserve water and attract local birds and butterflies is to use drought tolerant plants. Rocky Mountain wildflower seeds are a great place to begin. Other plants that do well are Narbonne Blue flax, Chieftain Manzanita, Sandia Coralbells, Scott’s Clematis, and Oxslip primrose.

Wildflower gardens – Of course, you can’t go wrong with a garden filled with wildflowers! Wildflowers like sage, prairie gentian, pink bergamot, and Mexican hat are among some of the top choices for this type of garden and will look as if nature placed them there.

planning for spring gardens

Now’s the time to think spring and start planning your gardens! Contact the designers at Lifescape today and watch your imagination come to life right in your own backyard.

Image from Houzz