Winter Landscaping: Berry Magic Holly

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On a cold winter morning, you may find yourself at the kitchen window – steaming cup of coffee in hand – staring at the….yikes! A barren winter landscape? If you need to put a little more color into your Colorado landscaping this winter, the Berry Magic Holly is a lovely place to start.

Add Visual Interest to Your Colorado Landscaping

One of the most effective ways to add color to your yard this winter is to plant a Berry Magic Holly. This member of the Ilex verticillata group is hardy and resistant to most pests and diseases. During the spring and summer, you’ll be able to enjoy its lush green leaves, which provide ample shelter and cover for small wildlife. When fall hits, this deciduous plant will lose its leaves, refurbishing it’s stalks and stems with vibrant clusters of bright red berries.

The Berry Magic Holly is an extra-special variety of Winterberry because it is self pollinating. Most hollies require a male and female plant in close proximity in order to pollinate. The Berry Magic Holly pollinates itself, meaning that even one plant will still be able to provide an artistic splash of color to your winter landscape. You will also enjoy watching the native winter bird population, for whom the red berries make a delicious winter buffet.

We recommend buying at least two plants; one for the birds and one for your holiday flower and garland arrangements! Contact Lifescapes for more tips on how to add visual winter interest in your yard(s) this season.