Spring is Almost Here… Is Your Irrigation System Ready?

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Your irrigation system may be the last thing on your mind throughout the winter. However, late winter is the time to make sure your irrigation system is ready to go for the upcoming growing season and especially since conditions have been drier and drought is still of concern. The last thing you (and your landscape) need is to discover the system isn’t working properly when you need to start using it regularly.

Over the next month or so, you’ll need to start checking your system’s operational functions and addressing any issues that you discover. Below are a few points to consider.

1. Battery Replacement –  Make sure you change the batteries if your irrigation controller is battery operated. You may need to re-set the date, time, and irrigation program.

2. Weekly Maintenance – At least once a week you should do a visual inspection while your irrigation system is running. Ensure there is adequate – but not excessive – coverage and that sprinkler heads and screens remain free of dirt and debris.

3. Monthly Maintenance –  Our diverse geography and varied seasonal climates may mean changing your irrigation program on a monthly basis to compensate for cooler, warmer, wetter, and dryer weather.

Additionally, always repair any obvious leaks or malfunctions as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your landscape.

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Taking care of your sprinklers is a key element of your Denver landscape maintenance. For more sprinkler start-up information, read our Landscape & Sprinkler Care Guide. Please give Lifescape a call at 303-831-8310 for personal assistance in readying your irrigation system for the warmer months ahead.

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