Get your Irrigation System turned on and Ready for Spring!

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Winter is on its way out and soon spring will be here. Most homeowners don’t realize that just like you have to prepare your irrigation system for winter by having the system properly turned off, you need to have a similar preparation plan for the spring and having the irrigation system turned back on. When your sprinkler system is turned on in spring, you should always have them flushed out. During winter time many small critters like to take refuge in sprinklers, pipes, tubes and emitters. Usually they squeeze in there during the winter but are not able to get out when spring arrives.

Once the irrigation system is flushed out, make sure that you give the sprinkler system a test run. While it is running, you are looking for clogged emitters or nozzles. Also if there is a calcium buildup on your sprinkler nozzles, that will have to be removed with calcium remover products. Also, check for leaking valves. The flexible seals can dry out during winter and begin to leak when the water is turned on. Your controller should be checked for proper run times for each station. It is possible that the battery may need replacing.

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