The Importance of Microclimates in a Landscape

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If you have never heard the term “microclimate” before, it is a word that all homeowners should know. The microclimate is the climate that immediately surrounds your home. For energy efficient landscaping, it is vital that you consider your microclimate as well as your regional climate. Each home’s microclimate varies depending on location and its surrounding environment. Your home’s microclimate may get more sun, wind, rain, snow, shade or moisture than the average for local conditions. For example, say your home is located on a sunny southern slope, then more than likely it will probably have a warm microclimate.

It works the same if you live in a cool region also. Even if you live in a region that is hot and humid, your home could be located in a comfortable microclimate due to an abundance of shade and dry breezes. If you have nearby bodies of water, this may also increase your site’s humidity or decrease its air temperature. Microclimates also play into determining what plants may or may not grow in your landscape.

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