The Benefits of Annual Color

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Annual, literally means yearly, and they are great for making an ordinary lawn look extraordinarily beautiful all year round. With annuals, each year you can change your garden’s color scheme, and compared to perennials or flowering bushes, annuals are more cost efficient. Though annuals are small and compact plants, they are wonderful for a range of weather conditions. Annuals can be used to fill in empty sections that are in your garden or lawn’s perennial bed. Make sure you choose colors that are complementary to your perennials, though.

Another great benefit of annuals is that you have a vast array to choose from. Annuals come in a variety of shapes, shades and sizes. However, it is important that you select the plants that are designed for your zone or region. After planting your annuals in early spring, they will begin to bloom around late spring or early summer. The burst of color that annuals provide is simply beautiful and little care is needed after planting. Just keep your flower beds weeded and watered.

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