Attracting Wildlife to your Landscape

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A great thing about having an attractive exterior landscape is the fact that it is not only inviting to people, but wildlife too. There is nothing quite like chirping birds, grazing deer and scurrying chipmunks to enhance the naturalistic look of your overall landscape. Your front and backyard can become a haven for you to sit back and watch those two legged and four legged visitors that frolic through your landscaping.

A perennial home garden is a great way to create an inviting habitat for wildlife in your front or backyard. Plant perennials that will showcase color throughout the year, this is also a good thing to do if you live in a newer neighborhood that lacks woodlands surrounding you. For attracting birds, make sure you have bird feeders and water fountains with fresh clean water. The water will also attract larger wildlife looking for a refreshing drink of water. You may also want to include fruit bearing and flowering shrubs like honeysuckle and berry bushes which will provide a tasty treat for the wildlife as well.

Contact Lifescape Associates if you need assistance inviting wildlife into your Colorado landscaping.