Give your Home some New Curb Appeal

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When you decide to begin the planning for your new landscape design, don’t forget about curb appeal. You want your home’s curb appeal to make a great first impression for everyone who approaches your home. Especially potential home buyers if you are looking to sell your home in the future. Make your home’s front entry look so enticing, they can’t help but want to go inside and look around. With good curb appeal, you are setting the stage for an inviting place to call home, what every potential home buyer wants.

Here are a few things to consider when working on your home’s curb appeal:

  • Update your mailbox to one that matches the outside look of your home
  • Update your house numbers
  • Plant annuals and bulbs
  • Add lighting – make sure you add proper outdoor lighting for evening visitors
  • Replace cracked concrete
  • Prune – pull out those old junipers

If you need some help getting your Colorado landscaping right to enhance your home’s curb appeal, contact Lifescape Associates.