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A Japanese garden design is a great landscaping idea to add a little change and variety to your garden. It is an option that will provide a new mood and feeling to your garden, making it a more peaceful area of your home. If you would like to redesign your garden with a Japanese design or just add some Japanese style elements to your garden, landscapeliving.com offers some design tips.

  • Enclose or screen the garden from the outside world with the use of plants, fences, or berms. The Japanese style garden is a place for meditation and thought.
  • Understand the scale and perspective of the space where you would like to place the garden because these are the main techniques that create a sense of size, space, and distance in the garden. Achieve this through adding false senses of perspective by planting smaller trees or plants farther from the main part of the garden. The largest water features should be for the foreground. Lanterns should be in proportion to the plants and other objects surrounding them.
  • Rocks and boulders can be the backbone of your garden. Their size and shape help other elements fall into place and create paths throughout your garden.
  • Sentinel Stone is another use of stone in the garden. This stone symbolizes warriors, dieties, heroes, etc. They are at the entrance or at a place in the garden that will enhance its atmosphere.

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Photo: Andy Heather via flickr