Protect your Blooms from Widlife

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If there is one thing that can be heartbreaking to a gardener, it’s coming outside to see a garden full of eaten plants. Living in the Denver area, you have to be careful about deer, rabbits, elk, and voles chowing down on your beautiful bulbs. However, there’s no need to breakout the hunting gear to keep your gorgeous garden from being devoured. You simply need to choose the right bulbs.

Take a look at a few bulbs that are less likely to be on the menu for your neighborhood wildlife:

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Bluebells grow up to 20 inched high and are a great option for Colorado as low as Zone 4.


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Daffodils are easy to grow in Colorado, plus they come in vibrant colors like yellow, pink, red, and white.


Grape hyacinth
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Grape hyacinth is another great color option. Growing up to 8 inches tall, it blooms blue, white, purple, and yellow.


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Allium blooms in a globe of small flowers atop a long stem. These globes grow in a variety of colors like white, purple, pink, and yellow.

Are you having problems with wildlife eating up your beautiful garden?