Protecting your Yard from Freeze Damage

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Living in Colorado, you come to figure out that during the winter, things freeze. Your precious plants and sprinkler system are two specific things in your landscape that are vulnerable to freeze damage.   With Front Range temperatures dipping to 27 degrees and lower last week, it’s important to know how to protect your landscape plants and sprinkler system from the freezing cold.

For your plants

  • Cover your plants and vegetables at night, but do not use plastic.
  • Fabrics are best for covering your plants. Ex. towel, blanket, sheet.
  • backflow prevention deviceSo your plants can breathe, leave air space below the cover.
For your sprinkler system
  • Make sure to turn the valve handle (on backflow device) to a 45 degree angle.
  • Wrap the backflow device in a towel for insulation.
  • Cover and secure the entire device with a plastic bag and duct tape at the bottom to keep moisture out.

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