A Flavorful Harvest

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harvesting carrotsThanks to the hot summer this year, gardens all around Denver are thriving and even causing some crops to be harvested ahead of schedule. If you are unsure about what vegetables in your veggie garden can be harvested right now, take a look at some great tips from the ALCC that will help you to evaluate ripeness and whether the vegetable is ready to be picked.


Can be harvested when the fruit easily separates from the vine and the skin is hard.


Beans are ready to be picked when the inner seeds begin to slightly bulge through the pod.


Pull away the soil from the top of the root, if root is about 1 inch in diameter, it is ready to be picked.


When most of the vines are dead, potatoes are ready to be harvested.


When half of the leaves have dried out and fallen over, dig up onions just slightly then leave them in the soil for almost a week more.

Everyone wants a great tasting harvest, so for the best flavor, make sure you harvest your vegetables in the cooler hours of the morning or evening.

What vegetables are you looking forward to harvesting this fall?


Photo Credit: gardenguides.com