Recycle those Old Plastic Pots

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If you are looking to upgrade the look of your landscape, while being sustainable, Lifescape Associates can help! Too many homeowners have those weathered plastic pots in their yards that will start to look worn and unsightly after a short time of use. Let Lifescape Associates redesign your landscape with beautiful clay pottery and gorgeous seasonal plantings that will enhance the look of your entrance, lawn or garden.

And as for all those old plastic pots, the Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association and the Garden Centers of Colorado have a plastic pots re-use program that is open to both the public and landscaping industry. The Colorado’s nurseries and garden centers re-use these plastic containers,which help to keep them out of landfills and extending their shelf life up to five years.

For a list of participating nurseries for the Plastic Pots Reuse Program, visit For more information on how Lifescape Associates can design your landscape into a more sustainable and beautiful space, visit