Garden with a Purpose

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Do you garden with a purpose? Whether you plant home-grown vegetables and herbs in your back yard or have a yard designed to attract wildlife, gardening with a purpose is a growing trend that is popping up on landscapes all over Colorado and the nation. The simple clean cut residential landscapes of the past are now being transformed into something new and exciting. No more grass and trees that surround the house, now the landscape consists of views that can be enjoyed from the indoors for their aesthetic value and outdoor spaces that contribute to our everyday lifestyles.

What is your gardening purpose? Is it for relaxation and meditation? Do you love watching fluttering butterflies and hummingbirds? Do you prefer to grow your own produce? Lifescape Associates can help you make your gardening goals a reality. Let us design and plant your landscape according to your specific gardening purpose.


 Photo Credit: krittergirlkorner