Fall Colorado Lawn Care Tips

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During the fall season we need to show our lawns a little bit more care as we move into the he final throes of the growing season. Here are some fall lawn care tips that will help you give your Colorado landscape the proper TLC that it needs.

1. Reduce weekly maintenance. You want to mow your lawn less frequently and cut down on the watering.

2. Apply a final application of fertilizer.  Look for a fertilizer that has a formulation high in nitrogen and potassium. These minerals are good for the roots.

3. Core aerate the lawn. Before you have your sprinkler system winterized, aeration will pull plugs of soil and sod out of the lawn and the holes will open up the soil so the roots can take in maximum moisture during the winter.

4. Zap turf weeds. Now is the time to get after turf weeds. By ding one last round of weed control you will have fewer weeds at the start of spring.

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