Perfect time to begin Winterizing your Irrigation Systems

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We hate to admit it but winter is just around the corner. It is now, during the fall, that is the best time for Colorado residents to call in and schedule the winterization/ irrigation shut off for their landscape.Why is this so important? As a part of your regular seasonal landscape maintenance, keeping your irrigation system working efficiently can only save you money on costly repairs and help keep your lawn healthy.

If you choose not to winterize your irrigation system, you run the risk of water in your pipes freezing and causing stress enough to crack or break your pipes and sprinkler. You also risk ice causing damage to your backflow prevention valves, valve chambers and manual ball valves.

Call Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310 to schedule your winterization/ irrigation shut off. Taking the time to prepare your irrigation system for the freezing winter months will keep you from the headache of extensive and expensive repair work.


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