4 Ways to a Lush Lawn this Spring

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If you plan on entertaining outside this spring and summer, it’s important to get started on your landscape now. The earlier the better. Here are 4 ways you can make your lawn lush in time for those late spring or early summer outdoor parties:

1. Soak your lawn. This past winter has been very dry. By applying water like Mother Nature does during an ideal springtime, you can keep your lawn healthy despite the dry season. Soak the lawn well then allow the top ½ inch of the soil to dry out.  Then soak it again

2. Aerate the lawn. By aerating the lawn with an aeration machine after an early soak, the moisture makes the ground soft for the aerator to pull out good-sized plugs from the turf and roots. The holes that are left behind allow water, air and nutrients to get to the roots where they are most needed. However, make sure you water the lawn again after aerating. The holes will make the ground dry out faster than before.

3. Fertilize. It is best to fertilize after aerating because the holes have made way for nutrients to go straight down to the roots.

4. Get the weeds out. Nothing throws off the look of your beautiful lawn more than unsightly weeds. The sooner you get them out the better.

Lawn work can be very time consuming and tiresome, let the landscaping professionals do all the work for you! If you live in the Denver area, contact Lifescape Associates to get your lawn ready for outdoor entertaining.

Source: alcc.com