How Do You Define a Sprinkler System Emergency?

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Lifescape offers residential and commercial sprinkler system emergency repair, just in case you have ansprinklerhunterSIS04hometips.comLifescapeAssociatesIrrigationSystemRepair emergency situation!  What is a sprinkler system emergency?  Well, definitions vary, but we think when you see water running down the street, or flooding in your yard – we’d call that an emergency!

We’ve seen residential properties with malfunctioning garden sprays lightly directing water straight into the street for weeks.  Seemingly, no one is noticing.  While the loss of a small amount of water may not require immediate emergency service, a system with ongoing leaking or misdirected spray really does require attention.  Lifescape Associates is committed to water conserving design, critical in the semi-arid Denver climate.  Emergency sprinkler system repair is just one of the many ways we work to conserve water in the metropolitan Denver area.

If you’d like, while we’re there attending to your irrigation emergency, we can perform a system check and schedule your fall winterization or irrigation activation in the spring. Contact Lifescape for emergency, or regular irrigation system installation and maintenance, by telephoning 303-831-8310.

Photo Source:  Home Tips