The Best Eco-Friendly Outdoor Floors

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Photo: Stephen Orr

When it comes to eco-friendly outdoor flooring, there are a few choices that really make a great option for your home’s outdoor environment. Here are 4 of the latest trends in flooring for sustainable gardens courtesy of Elle Decor:

1. Gravel. Gravel is making quite the comeback. If you have to choose between the crushed stone or the pea gravel, go with the stone – pea gravel is a nonrenewable resource.

2. Pavers. Having a local stone in your outdoor rooms will look natural along with native plants and soil, plus it is better for the environment.

3. Decomposed Granite. If you would like an attractive flooring material for your outdoor dining area, decomposed granite is a sand-like cover that has a nice pink tint.

4. Lawn with a Purpose. Big sprawling lawns are nice, but smaller lawns that are framed with stone or gravel and have a bit of an artistic flare are in style these days.

If you want more information on what is the right type of flooring for the landscape of your Denver area home, contact Lifescape Associates.