Incorporating Stone in Your Landscape Design

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water features+pools-3A very durable material to use in your Colorado landscape design is stone. You can incorporate natural stone as decor, a driveway, the patio floor, a walkway or wherever you need to fill open areas in your landscape design. The great thing about using stone in your landscape design is that it can have a variety of functions. When deciding to use stone in your landscaping here are two main things to consider:

1. Figure out the function of the stones in the design. Will it be strictly decorative, used as a retaining wall? What are you trying to achieve with the stone?

2. Choose what types of stones you would like to use. There is a wide variety of stone available for you to use within your landscaping that range in shape, size, texture and color. Talk with a Landscape Architect and see which stone will work best for the purpose you have in mind and with the design of your home.

Incorporating stone into your landscaping will enhance the look of your home’s outdoor environment and create a beautiful scenic oasis that is great for relaxing and entertaining.

Where would you like to see stone in your landscape design?