Winterization for Irrigation Systems

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Winter is just around the corner and now is the time for Colorado residents to call in and schedule the winterization/ irrigation shut off for their landscape. As a part of your regular seasonal landscape maintenance, this is an important factor in keeping your irrigation system working efficiently. There are quite a few reasons why you want to make sure your landscape irrigation system is winterized:

1. Winter can cause water in your pipes to freeze. The expanding ice puts stress on the pipes and sprinkler and will possibly cause them to crack or break. Irrigation system pipes are not able to withstand such expansion without bursting.

2. Draining the pipes once the irrigation system is cut off prevents such breakage and pipe damage.

3. Ice can damage backflow prevention valves, valve chambers and manual ball valves.

4. Winterizing your irrigation system will help save you costly fees due to replacing and repairing damaged pipes.

Call Ryan at Lifescape Associates at 303-974-6315 to schedule your winterization/ irrigation shut off. Taking the time to prepare your irrigation system for the freezing winter months will keep you from the headache of extensive and expensive repair work.