Winterization Checklist

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In climates that are very cold during the winter months, like Colorado, it’s important to get your landscaping ready for the cold winter. Here is a basic Winterization checklist that will help keep your landscaping irrigation system in top shape even during the freezing winter.

1. Turn off the water. If there is still water flowing through, you won’t be able to drain the pipes. You’ll want to go to your water source and turn it off at the valve.

2. Turn off the controller. When the controller is left on after the water has been shut off, the watering schedule will continue as normal. If the valves are trying to run without water, this can harm the solenoids which can cause a great deal of damage to your irrigation system.

3. Open the valves. Make sure you manually open each valve in each zone because if you try to use an air compressor on a closed valve, there is a possibility that the line will burst or you’ll send the spray heads flying.

4. Drain the pipes. There can still be water left in the pipes after you’ve done steps 1-3. Water finds its way to the lowest point, so you can bet there is a shallow puddle or two still inside the pipes.

If you need help getting your Winterization checklist done, call Ryan at Lifescape Associates at 303-974-6315. We look forward to helping you keep your Colorado residence’s  irrigation system working efficiently all year round.