Colorado Native Plants

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There are 3 main benefits to planting Colorado native plants in your landscaping.

1. Colorado native plants are naturally adapted to the specific Colorado soils, climate, and environmental conditions

2. When properly placed, they are ideal for creating a sustainable landscape, one that does not require a much fertilizing, watering or pruning.

3.  They will enhance the beauty of  your landscaping by attracting wildlife like birds, butterflies and mammals.

Need help figuring out what plants are Native to your region of Colorado? Take a look at a few Colorado native plants:


Gaillardia, the Blanket flowers, is a drought-tolerant perennial plant from the sunflower family. These plants form wiry, branched stems with blooms in shades from yellow-brown to red.

Ponderosa Pine

The Ponderosa Pine has developed several adaptations which help it survive in its dry, often warm habitat.


Snowberries are drought tolerant shrubs that bloom into small, pinkish, bell-like flowers in the Spring, then into Fall, they turn into interesting fruit that provide food for wildlife.

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