Tuscan and Modern Pottery

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In many projects Lifescape has done, we have used pots to make a space much more enjoyable.  Many spaces with pottery are designed after precedents from European areas.

For example: Tuscany.  Here are a few photos of how pots have made spaces much nicer and more enjoyable.

They often can bring color to a hardscape area that might otherwise not have color.

Also, you can plant spreading or aggressive plants that will be contained in pots.

Companies that supply pots in different forms and sizes…
Tuscan Imports

Modern looking pots can also be used to spruce up a roof garden or contemporary space.  Here are a few modern pots that give a fashionable flair to their space:

Usually, if you are looking to take a very stylish approach to your garden or living space, a modern garden pot is the way to go.

Consider changing out some of those boring pots you have, and brighten up your home or garden space with a pot that brings some style and personality into your space.

Last two Modern pot Photos: themoderngardener.wordpress.com, firebox.com