The Tuscan Landscape

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Italy is considered to most, the heart and birthplace of garden design, and with it came several unique styles.

Looking for a space of function in highly refined experience that adheres to that vegetable garden or social space? Combining Italian Countryside and Renaissance, The Tuscan Landscape creates the perfect compliment to our Colorado seasons.

A stairway leads from formal garden to a more intimate room which dissects underneath a vine covered arbor.  This trellis creates a shaded break overlooking the garden below.
Where roads, stairs, and hardscape inhibit the normal garden experience, pots and planters are filled to enliven the experience.
The vegetation varies from formal groomed to wild, creating a playful effect as potted trees create their own sense of architecture in the landscape.
Water in the Tuscan landscape not only creates a cooling effect, but is used as an accent and reflection for the grand elements within the garden.
The garden experience not only focuses on aesthetic and the outdoor room, but encourages views like the open countryside.

Some key design elements you will see in the Tuscan Garden are:

  • Sequence: Common to Italian Renaissance, sequential experiences guides open views into intimate spaces.
  • Architectural: Sculpted vegetation adds movement and adds playful contrast to side relaxed ‘overgrown’ rooms.
  • Vegetation: like at a farm, vegetation is not just for beauty but for great food and smells! (herbs, grapes/fruits, lavender)
  • Microclimates: Water use creates cooling effects like grottos and fountains, a cool oasis from the heat.
  • Art: Murals and Terra Cotta Pots overflow onto the hardscape creating eloquent rooms for social or private moments

Here at Lifescape Associates we pride ourselves in versatility with styles for each client’s garden. We have employees who have traveled through a wide variety of gardens in Europe and would love to introduce and inspire your landscape with the world’s garden designs.

Take a look at our own Colorado landscape projects inspired by Tuscan garden style: