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If you are looking to create a garden that is a work of art, consider a French garden design. Some of the most classic French Gardens seen in Europe were designed in the renaissance and baroque time periods.

The garden of Versailles

Versailles, one of the most classic, was designed during the Baroque age and represents massive size and scale. Located just outside of Paris, the garden of Versailles belonged to King Louis XIV and is one of the most lavish gardens in France.

The Luxembourg Gardens

Back in 17th and 18th century France, these gardens were created as extensions to the chateau they surrounded and as a means of exhibiting ones wealth, power and royalty. The Luxembourg Gardens, located on Paris’ left bank, surrounds the Luxembourg palace with sprawling lawns and abundant flowers, harmonious paths and trees.

The Mirabell Garden

The park and garden of Schloss Mirabell Palace is one of the most famous formal gardens from the Baroque age in Europe. Located in Austria, the Mirabell Garden is known for its unique dwarf garden featuring a number of misshapen creatures made of white Untersberg marble.

The Mirabell Garden

Some key design elements you will see in French garden design are:

  • very large scale, often with long and large axis
  • trimmed and manicured vegetation,  forming trees and shrubs into distinct shapes
  • complex curves and angles almost always symmetrical
  • impressive water fountains, statues and sculptures
  • abundant blooming flowers

Here at Lifescape Associates we pride ourselves in versatility with styles for each clients garden. We have employees who have traveled through a wide variety of gardens in Europe and would love to introduce and inspire your landscape with the worlds garden designs.

Take a look at our own Colorado landscape projects inspired by French garden design:

Stay tuned to the blog to see and learn more about the different garden designs of the world!