The Garden Festival

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Yearly there are garden festivals all around the world.  While traveling in France one of our employees, Ryan, was fortunate to visit the International Garden Festival.

Of the 25 different gardens, we want to share several that use color and show the effects it has on the garden in new and exciting ways.

Keep an eye on the form, materials, vegetation.  As color becomes more involved, the experience of the garden changes drastically as color can compliment or contrast different elements.  Reflections, mood changes and other playful effect all create new ways not only adding excitement but can add that relaxing tone you would like to see in your own residence.  Enjoy the play, explore the variety and see how color in the landscape changes and even inspires your next project/addition!

Here at Lifescape Associates we pride ourselves in versatility with styles for each client’s garden. We have employees who have traveled through a wide variety of gardens in Europe and would love to discuss the ways that a garden can be the best new addition to your lifestyle.

Take a look at our own Colorado landscape projects that use color.