The Marden Project: Modern Landscaping

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Recently we were called upon by local interior designer, Debbie Marden of D. Marden Interior Design, and her husband, Sean. They had recently completed renovations on their mid-century modern home in Boulder and were looking to design a sustainable, innovative landscape that complements the home’s reinvented, modern look.

Designer Troy Shimp worked closely with the homeowners to develop a landscape that allows for private spaces but is also welcoming to neighbors and passers-by. Numerous “nooks” were created for lounging, entertaining, and gardening. Gravel paths lead one around the home through linear plantings of ornamental grasses, past an exterior daybed and shade structure to a new contemporary-design patio composed of concrete slab squares and gravel. A bubbling water feature, sculpture, and warm fire pit are specialty features that can also be enjoyed as you wander through the gardens.

The design takes a green approach; it uses sustainable materials, xeric plants, minimized lawn areas, and a water-wise irrigation system. Existing lawn areas are transformed into colorful planting beds and exciting spaces. With a quality soil prep tilled deep with a minimum of 4cy/1000 square feet, native and xeric species of plants will thrive and require less water. Drip for plantings and pop-up zones for grass will be zoned according to specific plant needs to conserve water. Low-voltage landscape lighting will use energy-efficient LED fixtures. A large garden area and green house allow for the homeowners to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Using these sustainable practices, the landscape is sure to thrive for years to come.

We are enjoying designing this creative and thought-provoking landscape and look forward to its evolution.