The Benefits of LED Lighting

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LED Lighting has been around since the 1960’s however, in recent years LED has begun to appear more in the residential market for space lighting. LED stands for light emitting diode which is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light.

Due to their mode of operation, LED lighting offers the following benefits:

  • Energy Efficient. Using only 2-10 watts of electricity, LED light bulbs save more energy than Incandescent or CFL bulbs that use 3 to 30 times more watts.
  • Durable. There are no filaments in LED lights, so if jarred or bumped they won’t become damaged like delicate Incandescent bulbs.
  • No UV Radiation. LEDs produce little heat and no UV radiation. They are ideal lighting for art galleries with light sensitive works of art.
  • Long Life. LED bulbs can last up to 10 times as long as incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs,
  • Cost Effective. LEDs are a bit more expensive but the cost is recouped over time because of battery savings and bulb life.
Photo: by Kichler