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Designing Your Landscape Layout

As with any major home or commercial project, a beautiful landscape starts with a good design and layout. This multi-step process requires both attention to detail and the ability to conceptualize and visualize. Here are some important steps to keep in mind throughout the process.

The Practical Aspects

First, potential landscape problems and challenges should be factored in so that these can be fixed during the construction process. Issues Colorado residents may need to address, for example, may include erosion on slopes and drought conditions and water restrictions. This could require adding berms or other features to hillsides and removing thirsty lawns in favor of extra hardscaping or drought-tolerant groundcovers.

The natural attributes of the area should also be considered at this stage. A scenic view, for example, is a feature that can influence which layout will be best.

The General Layout

Many types of landscape layouts can be used as the general blueprint for the design. Often in the end, several elements are combined to create the most appropriate, visually appealing layout for a particular residence. An Arc-and-Tangent layout, for example, combines up to four layout types. It uses curves, circles, arcs as well as straight lines to form well-structured, harmonious landscapes.

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Source: Landscaping Network

A rough sketch of the desired layout can be made at this point, along with notes about the types of landscaping materials that will be needed.

Filling in the Details

After the general layout has been planned, it is time to attend to the details. This can include designing specific areas, such as garden beds or water features, and choosing plant types.

You might also receive new inspiration at this point and think of additional features you would like to add, such as a footbridge, fire pit, lighting, hot tub or similar fixtures that enhance beauty and comfort.

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Landscape design by Lifescape Colorado

When you are ready to bring out the best in your landscape with a layout that is beautiful and functional, contact us at Lifescape Colorado. Colorado landscapes are our specialty and we do it all, from design to architecture and construction. We also offer garden maintenance and irrigation services, so you can spend your valuable time enjoying your landscape.

Outdoor Hot Tub Designs for Luxurious & Beautiful Landscapes

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A long relaxing soak in a luxurious hot tub provides a welcome relief from the stresses of everyday life, but there are additional reasons to add this amenity as an outdoor living feature. When creatively designed and integrated, an outdoor hot tub area can allow you to enjoy your yard even in the dead of winter while adding extraordinary beauty to your landscape. Here are some design ideas for luxurious and beautiful outdoor hot tubs.

Attractive, Creative Decking

Deck designs can go far beyond flat platforms surrounding the tub. Multi-level decking and built-in benches, for example, can create a tiered design that offers extra areas for seating while adding architectural interest. Brick or concrete may also be used along with, or instead of, wood to match hardscapes.

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Source: Fine Decks Inc via Houzz

Going with the Landscape Flow

Hot tubs can be designed around hills and slopes for stunning results. Installing hot tubs and spa areas at one of the highest points of your landscape, for instance, can allow you to enjoy your luxurious hot tub while also taking in spectacular mountain views. Concrete can be used around the deck’s perimeter as a retaining wall and a seating area.

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Source: Process Design Build, L.L.C. via Houzz

Rustic, Earthy Charm

If your design tastes lean towards rustic and woodsy, consider a cedar hot tub rather than concrete or fiberglass. Cedar and other types of wood tubs are attractive enough to be used as stand-alone features, but can also easily blend with other landscape design features. Set against a backdrop of greenery or other privacy features, the hot tub area can become a heavenly retreat.

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Source: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Luxurious & Artful Ambiance 

An outdoor stone fireplace or fire pit near the hot tub can bring an extra level of luxury, coziness and ambiance to this space. Ambiance can also be added with creative, artful decorative hardscaping around hot tub areas.

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Source: Bianchi Design via Houzz

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Are you interested in redesigning your landscape, yard or hardscapes to add luxury and beauty with an outdoor hot tub? Lifescape Colorado can create a custom design that fits your style and helps you realize your dreams for your Colorado landscape. Contact us to learn about all of our landscape design services.

Ideas for Elegant Landscape Edging

Edging prevents soil and mulch runoff while keeping plants firmly in place, but its benefits can go beyond function. Edging can add form, texture, color and definition to achieve beautiful landscape spaces.

Trench edging is a simple yet effective method for creating subtle definition. Instead of integrating physical edging, a simple trench-like formation is created between the flower or plant areas and neighboring grass or groundcover. This is a wonderful method for achieving very organic and natural looking landscape designs.

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Source: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC via Houzz

Durable yet thin edging made from steel or plastic can also be subtle, when it is sunk low into the earth lining pathways or flowerbeds. But to add more interest, steel or plastic in attractive or bold colors can be used to add a splash of color.

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Source: Samuel H. Williamson Associates via Houzz

Decorative edging that is more visible can become can essential part of the landscape design. Concrete or steel edging, for example, can be custom designed with colors, forms and shapes that will complement and elevate the style of the landscape. Likewise, cut stone or carved wood can add natural beauty or rustic charm.

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Source: D-CRAIN via Houzz

Brick also lends itself to interesting decorative edging. The color of brick, as well as the pattern and angle in which it can be laid, adds fantastic aesthetic appeal. The height of brick edging can easily be adjusted by adding layers. Raised edging not only prevents erosion and adds to the look of landscapes but also deters pets or other animals from wandering into plant beds.

Colored gravel or slate chippings can also be used to design decorative landscape edging that defines plant beds, keep weeds down and provides a barrier against soil erosion.

When you want to enhance your landscape with elegant landscape edging, let designer and architects at Lifescape Colorado help. Here at Lifescape Colorado, we offer a full slate of landscaping services, including hardscaping and gardening design and maintenance.

Great Gravel Designs for Denver Landscapes

If the idea of adding gravel to your Colorado landscape sounds dull and gray, think again. Not only can gravel add a variety of colors, shapes and textures, but it can be thoughtfully incorporated into landscapes to create beautiful, functional and sustainable permeable hardscapes. Oh, and did we mention they are also low maintenance?

There are a variety of gravel types to choose. Decomposed granite is reddish-tan and sandy or silt-like. Pea gravel is usually a mixture of rocks from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch in size and in colors from white to tan to brown. Crushed granite gravel has larger particles than decomposed granite with a rougher texture than smooth pea gravel. The right gravel for your landscape will depend on the look you are trying to achieve and the specific functional value you are looking to add as some gravel types lend themselves to bare feet and outdoor furniture more than others.

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Source: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

When it comes to designing with gravel, the possibilities are endless. Not only does it add contrast to interesting and colorful foliage, but gravel can be combined with pavers, fire pits, fountains, flower beds, container gardens, outdoor dining areas and other landscape features to create beautiful, dynamic and functional spaces.

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Source: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture via Houzz

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Source: Debora Carl Landscape Design via Houzz

From charming alfresco dining areas to cozy fire pits to artful courtyards, gravel’s versatility can open the door to custom designs that allow you to enjoy your landscape in multiple ways.

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Source: Troy Rhone Garden Design via Houzz

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Source: Huettl Landscape Architecture via Houzz

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Source: Texas Construction Company via Houzz

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Source: Exteriors By Chad Robert via Houzz

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Source: Revival Arts | Architectural Photography via Houzz

Are you looking to achieve a low-maintenance landscape that is also eco-friendly and aesthetically interesting year-round? Let Lifescape in Colorado help! Contact us today to start discussing a custom landscape design with permeable gravel hardscapes.

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