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Hardscapes for New Year

Freshen Up Your Hardscapes!

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For over 40 years Lifescape has offered Colorado residents remarkable landscape design and master planning to provide a year-round outdoor living space. We not only design but construct and maintain all of our projects and with the freeze-thaw climate creating cracks in concrete, winter can be a perfect time to begin construction on hardscapes that will increase the beauty of your home and the value of the property. Here are a few hardscape options to consider:


Walkways, Patios, Driveways 

 Whether it’s creating an outdoor living space in your backyard, replacing cracked concrete driveway or reconstructing the walk to your front door; Belgard pavers have proven to hold up to our harsh climate, not crack or separate while providing limitless color and pattern options to complement your home and landscape easily.

 Porcelain Tile by Mirage 

This beautiful Italian tile can be used to create an elegant back patio with clean lines as it is produced ¾” thick.  It is a high-end look with a price tag of less than natural stone.  Consider this product for a space that you want a clean or modern look.  There are many colors, textures, and sizes to select from that vary from a natural stone look to a beautiful wood grain.

Permeable Pavers 

Do you have large trees to work around or want to be green in your landscape?  Have you considered permeable pavers that can filter and direct stormwater back into the earth and help local groundwater supplies?

Let our experts help you design, construct and maintain the ideal hardscape for your home with a paver system that will blend seamlessly with your Colorado landscape. Call 303.831.8310 to set up your consultation today.

10 Exquisite Outdoor Entertaining Options

Before summer comes to a close, host a fabulous outdoor party for your neighbors and loved ones. Not sure how to create that perfect backyard atmosphere? Here are 10 design and dining essentials for exquisite outdoor entertaining.


The ample sunshine in Colorado can be nice, but it can also call for a shady escape. Make sure your party guests can find refuge from the sun if need be.


Once the sun sets, the Colorado climate becomes the perfect atmosphere for a summer evening gathering by the fire to roast s’mores or to simply kick back and relax.


Well-chosen greenery can amplify the landscape and views, as well as help, create certain moods for each section of the outdoor space.


From overhead strings to shielded fixtures that illuminate pathways, it’s safe to say that outdoor lighting can set a significant ambiance. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting can accent art or trees, and votive candles can create an intimate dining experience.


An outdoor kitchen or dining space can be elevated by choosing materials that complement the house, such as stone, pavers, tile, etc.


It’s essential that your outdoor space either is adjacent to the main interior kitchen, or even better: Your patio has an outdoor kitchen of its own. Another beloved feature of a backyard party is the addition of a beverage bin or outdoor refrigerator to keep drinks cool and close.


The right outdoor furniture can make or break a good party. Your guests’ comfort and enjoyment are the top priority, so make sure there is sturdy and plush seating galore—think couches, chaises, chairs, bar stools, and benches.


Incorporate items from your garden into the table settings. You can create centerpieces by potting herbs, dress up napkins with garden flowers, or use wood from a cut-down tree as a plate charger.


What’s a party without music? Having outdoor speakers makes it easy as pie to entertain your guests and help them cut loose and relax.


Whether they’re from your own garden or from your local grocery store, preparing food with fresh ingredients goes a long way. Fresh produce captures the tastes of summer and highlights the harvests of Colorado farms.

If you are looking or help to design your outdoor entertaining space please contact one of our designers at Lifescape, 303-831-8310

Trends In Landscaping


By definition, a trend acknowledges a movement in a general direction. Here in Colorado, residents have moved towards enjoying the space outside their home. Take advantage of these trends in your landscape for another reason to step outside.

Outdoor Living: Bring the beauty of your home to the outdoors by extending your living area outside.  Complement your home by bringing design elements outdoors with a new patio or fire feature. Return to your youth with an adult tree house or repurpose a storage container to create a backyard studio. Whether you entertain or utilize the space for artistic expression, ensure your landscape fits your needs.

Landscape Technology: LED lighting or dimmable lights allows you to control the mood from your mobile device. You can also integrate additional controllers like heating elements, an outdoor sound system and smart irrigation controllers to put the power in the palm of your hand.

Edible Gardens: Your hands can be responsible for your meals whether you have a large yard or an urban rooftop garden. Consider trying your hand at gardening and grow your herbs and vegetables. Find a sunny place and build raised garden boxes, place containers or even carve out a small space in a planting bed to create an edible garden. Gardening is green, calming and easy on the pocketbook.

Lifescape ColoradoUpdated Planting: Your garden space can be planted with a color scheme in mind, mixing tone-on-tone to create a fresh look. A container garden can be planted for holiday décor and a pop of seasonal color.  Plan for our four seasons of weather by selecting plantings that provide textures, colors, and evergreen for year round interest.

Modern/Contemporary: Pairing a fountain and a fire pit creates the foundation where mass plantings emit either mystery or harmony. Use raw materials like corten steel or board from concrete to offset and bring a modern edge to your space.

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Outdoor Rooms with Year-Round Appeal

When we work with clients to design Denver outdoor living spaces, we keep our eyes focused on long-term functionality. You can maximize your investment by designing outdoor rooms with year-round appeal. By striking a unique balance between delightful garden designs and stunning hardscape features, your outdoor room can be a place for your family and friends to enjoy all year round, while providing beautiful visual interest.

Denver Outdoor Living Designs Should Consider All Four Seasons

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Windbreaks and shelter. Analyze your property to access its primary wind directions. It’s important to build walls or extend overhangs in areas recessed by existing architecture to create a barrier from the elements. If you prefer a less-permanent structure, use large umbrellas that can be raised or lowered according to what Mother Nature has on her agenda in terms of sun or rain. Trees and shrubs also make beautiful windbreaks and shelters.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Hardscape features. Fireplaces and/or fire pits are one of the most desired hardscape features because they provide warmth and ambiance year-round. We recommend installing one under a protective roof and another on the outskirts of your garden, so you have plenty of options. Lighting is also a priority for both safety and ambiance. During the fall and winter, exterior lighting makes outdoor rooms more user-friendly, while highlighting interesting landscape features. Installing infrared heaters also adds warmth away from your fireplace.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Landscaping for interest. It’s important to design a landscape that will provide interest year-round. This can be done by infusing your patio with colorful perennials and annuals. Plants like Berry Magic Holly look beautiful throughout winter, and you can also decorate container gardens during the bleakest months.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Comfortable furniture. Perhaps one of the most telling signs of whether or not an outdoor room will be used year-round is the outdoor furniture. Select comfortable furnishings that invite guests and family members to stay and relax a while. During the fall and winter, deeper cushions and a supply of throw blankets will help keep you warm.

Are you ready to implement these design ideas to an outdoor room with year-round appeal? Contact us online or give us a call 303.831.8310. Lifescape Colorado looks forward to designing and building beautiful outdoor spaces that are livable during all four seasons.

Fabulous Fall Hardscaping Ideas

Is your home the social center for family and friends during the holiday season? Our team at Lifescape Colorado is more than happy to assist you with all of your hardscaping needs that can add warmth and light to your luxury outdoor space.

These fall hardscaping ideas can enhance your curb appeal, as well as your outdoor living spaces, so you can enjoy these areas even through the coldest and darkest hours of the season.

Traditional Landscape by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Enhance curb appeal. Impress your guests by re-paving your driveways and walkways. Pavers can be matched to your existing landscape and their permeable nature is ideal in a climate where freezing and thawing is the norm. Don’t forget to install beautiful lighting elements that will illuminate your design and increase safety.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Coloradp

Add another patio. Does a part of your yard remain unused for most of the year? Perhaps it’s time to add a patio. Patio spaces can be as simple as a square of attractive pavers bedecked with chairs and a table. It’s also another great space to sip a cup of coffee, converse with a friend, or to watch the stars.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Augment your outdoor kitchen. What’s missing from your outdoor wish list? An outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, oven and sink, makes holiday meal preparations a snap and it also gives guests a place to spend time until the meal is ready to be served.

Traditional Pool by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Gather ’round the fire. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are a must for Colorado hardscapes. Even on the coldest nights, a fire pit is a popular hangout for party goers and after-dinner revelers.

Rustic Landscape by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Celebrate slopes with terraces. Cooler fall weather makes terracing a much more comfortable enterprise. Building terraces into your hillside will transform a barren, steep slope into a beautiful showpiece.

Contemporary Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Spruce up your seating areas. A big group of friends and family with your holiday cooking will cause an overflow into your outdoor space. Be prepared for this by expanding your outdoor seating areaswith comfortable, flexible furniture.

Are you ready to get a start on any of the above fall hardscaping ideas to get your home ready for the fall and winter? If so, contact the design and build team at Lifescape Colorado today.