Outdoor Fireplaces done Right

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If you were not already aware, outdoor fireplaces are in fact illegal in Denver. However, it is important for you to know that there is an easy way around that, which does not sacrifice the aesthetics of your outdoor living areas.  The work around is to run a natural gas line off the house’s system to the fire pit or fireplace and run the flame that way. One reason this is a great alternative is because you can easily flip a switch to turn the fire pit and fireplace. In fact, Lifescape has even done a system that with an iPhone, you can turn the fire pit or fireplace on remotely.  Talk about having a fire ready to go by the time you get home from work!

If you are worried about a permit, Lifescape helps our clients attain permits that are necessary when running gas lines. Eventhough we agree that there is nothing like an open burning fire pit or fireplace, in order to keep our homes, communities and environment safe in Denver, the law helps in protection against those who don’t take special care in keeping fires contained and safe.

Have questions about custom built outdoor fireplaces or firepits? Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310.