Proactive maintenance now brings beautiful spring growth.

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Fall maintenance is critical for your landscape – to keep it safe in the winter and ensure that it will flourish again in the spring. Now is the time to protect your landscape investment and ensure long-term growth. The experts at Lifescape can quickly assess what your specific landscape needs, so it is cared for properly. Vital steps include mulching, fertilizing, and pruning to keep your plants happy and healthy as the temperatures drop and snow comes.

Mulch is like your favorite winter coat!
Proper placement of mulch in the fall insulates roots during Colorado’s drastic weather changes from November through April. Plants must stay hydrated during dormancy, however frozen soil can prevent moisture from reaching the roots. A thick layer of mulch regulates the temperature, promotes soil health, prevents erosion, regulates moisture and guards against mechanical injuries.

fertilize your lawn

Feed your landscape – it’s hungry all year!
Correct fall fertilization keeps your soil healthy and encourages plants to store energy for the following spring. The right blend of probiotics can defend against insects and disease, changing weather patterns and fluctuating temperatures. Organic fertilizers enrich the soil and balance the ecosystem without harming the surrounding environment. With ingredients like kelp, yucca, and concentrated compost tea, organic fertilizers fortify your yard to withstand the elements and help it grow thick and lush. The team at Lifescape can determine the optimal blend of nutrients for your landscape.

Cut back to move forward – and stay safe!
As the colors start to change, your plants and trees benefit from pruning care. Lifescape’s experts know how and when to cut back your perennials and grasses. You’ll also want them to closely examine your plants and trees to remove any dead, diseased, or damaged parts. Additionally, tree limbs need to be pruned to avoid damage to structures from the weight of heavy snow or ice and wind.

Ready for fall maintenance? Contact the professionals at Lifescape to get expert care for your landscape as the seasons change.