Create a Fall Landscape that Thrives in Colorado

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September is officially here, and the temperatures in Colorado are beginning to drop. Don’t let the change in seasons fool you into thinking that gardening and growing season is over, though. In fact, this is the ideal time to plant many perennials and shrubs in your fall landscape.

Which Types of Plants Should You Consider for Your Fall Landscape in Colorado?

When choosing plants for your fall garden, take color into consideration. Plants that offer seasonal fall color include mums, kale, and pansies. These types of plants are ideal options for replacing your tired summer annuals. However, keep in mind that pansies may overwinter if you water them during dry periods.

Other great choices for fall plantings include coneflower, aster, golden current, ornamental grasses, and dwarf burning bush. These plants and shrubs will offer a spectacular color during the fall season and come back year after year. You should also mix in some ornamental evergreens as they will provide wintertime interest in your landscape.

Use Fall as an Opportunity to Prepare Your Landscape for the Spring

When you take the time to plant native plants and shrubs in the fall, you will give them a leg up for the spring season. While temperatures start to cool down in the fall, the soil is still warm. Planting the right plants and shrubs during the fall will allow them to establish a good root system and thrive in the spring.

Take the time now to plant bulbs in the ground for beautiful blooms in the following spring. Ideas for bulbs to plant now include colorful dwarf iris, gaillardia, and galanthus. Cover these plantings with mulch to preserve moisture and protect them from the deep winter freeze.

When choosing plants and shrubs for your fall garden, make yourself aware of their watering needs. Proper watering will help to preserve the vibrant fall colors of plants and shrubs.

Preparing your garden for the fall and getting a leg up on the spring growing season is hard work. Allow our professionals at Lifescape Colorado to help your garden thrive all year-round. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your Colorado landscape and garden year-round.