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Seasonal Color

Seasonal Colors

Spring is here and we are all looking for a color that is long lasting to brighten up our landscapes. When it comes to adding annual flowers or as we call it, seasonal color, there are a few rules you want to follow.

Don’t Rush, WaitSeasonal Colors

With our crazy Colorado weather, we can still get snow and freezing temperatures in May. You may want to wait to plant your annuals until we’ve passed May 20th, our official freeze date. This is the safest time to plant unless you will be dedicated to bringing them inside or covering them if weather hits and temperatures drop.

Soil Prep, Fertilization and WateringSeasonal Colors

Whether you’re planting containers, beds or a garden, the time you spend prepping your soil will pay dividends throughout the season. Use a nice fluffy potting mix for your annuals and till in fresh compost in your garden beds. Mix in a slow-release fertilizer with your annual flowers and make sure you have a plan to commit to watering the young plants throughout the hot summer. They will need daily watering if they are in full sun.

Thrillers, Fillers, and SpillersSeasonal Colors

When designing your container plantings you should have a thriller! This typically is something special in the center as the main focal point. Next use a filler that complements your centerpiece and last but not least, use spillers that drape over the edges and soften the container.

If you’re planting in beds, layer your annuals by height and select colors that fit your taste. Stick with hot or cool colors or complimentary colors and select plants with similar watering requirements to not over or under water certain varieties.

Have fun with your seasonal color. If you follow these rules they should be beautiful and last from late May until frost in fall.


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