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It’s time to start spring cleaning but who wants to be stuck inside doing cleaning projects? There is nothing better than being able to enjoy and be proud to show off our outdoor spaces during such beautiful weather. Don’t know where to start? Help is on the way! We have some ideas to share with you on how to wake up your landscape from its long winter nap and get ready for spring!


     Lawn and Flower Beds


  • Your grass and flower beds are dying to be freed of leaves and other types of debris, clearing out your beds gives them room to breathe so they can flourish.
  • Cut back your perennials, if you haven’t already what are you waiting for?
  • Freshen the place up with some seasonal colors using cool season plants such as pansies and snapdragons.
  • Plant your cool season vegetables and tend and till those gardens!

    Irrigation, Fertilization, and Pruning


  •  Speaking of gardens, it’s time for irrigation activation and inspection as well as applying pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds.
  • Aerate and dethatch your turf.
  • Fertilize your turf and plants with nitrogen rich fertilizers to promote growth and healthy plants.
  • Let’s talk about pruning. First, give your house a facelift! Trim any limbs or shrubs taking away from your home’s beauty. Prune things that are Dead, Damaged, or Diseased. Focus on thinning. Keep in mind that shrubs like lilacs, forsythia, and viburnums should not be pruned until after they bloom. Then, you shape and accentuate their beauty.
  • Mulch your beds with a wood mulch to help combat weeds and protect the roots of your horticultural paradise. You might want to consider the benefits of composting also to improve your soil.



Some of you may feel comfortable battling this yourself where others may not, but the help of a professional never hurts. Protect the investment of your landscape and let our Lifescape team nurture your landscape with our weekly maintenance and fine gardening services.

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