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When you are looking to remodel your home, do not forget to incorporate curb appeal. Accentuating the outside appearance of your home is just as important as updating the inside. If your renovations are derived from the motivation to sell your home, outside revamps are enough to catch the eyes of potential buyers and make them want to look inside as well.


Curb Appeal Maintenance is Key

We tend to let our horticulture grow freely and in some instances, get a little out of control. This is a rather easy fix. Trimming back shrubs will offer a neat and tidy look. Make sure to prune tree limbs that are starting to grow towards or blocking your residence. This is important especially for trees that bear flowers and fruits, and it promotes healthy regrowth in the spring and summer months.

Raking, weeding, spreading new mulch in plant beds, and removing moss and leaves from your hardscapes are other simple maintenance techniques that can improve your overall curb appeal for the upcoming spring months.


Curb AppealBrighten Up Your Space

Bright and beautiful, that’s the motto for spring. Look into adding some brightly colored annuals to your freshly maintained yard. When it comes to trees and shrubbery, evergreens are a popular choice due to year round color and easy maintainability. Evergreens actually come in a variety of hues from light greens to soft blues that will suit any creative vision. You’ll want these stunning changes to turn heads even in the dark, so don’t forget about lighting. Adding outdoor lighting for walkways or even to showcase your new floriculture can provide a touch of charisma to the exterior of your home.


Curb Appeal


Out with the Old and In with the New

You will want to replace or repair any broken or weathered hardscapes. Don’t have any hardscapes? The addition of permeable surfaces and elegant borders between your flowers and lawn can help you obtain a sharp and cleaner look.



For assistance with these inventive changes or your own artistic landscaping concepts, our excellent team of professionals would love to assist you with the creation, construction, and maintenance of your very own green-life landscape.

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