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Gro-Low Fragrant SumacWhen thinking about landscapes, thoughts tend to turn towards trees, grass and outdoor fixtures and furniture. But one of the first noticeable things with any yard are the shrubs. These small to medium-sized plants serve as the foundation for most gardens, so it is important to select stunning shrubs like these:

Gro Low Sumac – A beautiful, easy creeping shrub for slopes, rock garden or to use as a 2-3′ tall ground cover. This low-maintenance drought tolerant plant comes to life in the fall with striking scarlet-orange leaves all the while smothering weeds and attracting song birds and butterflies.

Lifescape - Dark Knight Spirea

Dark Knight Spirea – When other shrubs fade, this 3′ x 3′ compact plant lasts long into the summer with similarities to the Blue Mist Spirea but with slightly darker green leaves and deeper blue flowers. This low-maintenance drought tolerant plant brings bees to help pollinate your garden.

Lifescape - Limelight Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea – Growing up to 6’ or cut low with maintenance, this durable plant can serve a variety of services especially since it stands tall against the Colorado sun. Covered with lime green flowers from mid-summer through the fall, this is a keeper for all hydrangea lovers here in Colorado.

Lifescape - Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean Spice Viburnum – Standing 6’ tall with a delicious fragrance, this shrub is one of the smaller viburnums with much to offer. Its dense round growth can easily be pruned into a specimen shrub or a screen planting. A gray-green leaf that turns bronze-red in the fall, it produces pinkish red buds in the spring that open to clusters of white flowers.

Summer Wine Ninebark – A medium-sized plant with cream-colored flowers in the late summer, it has dark red leaves that last all season with cinnamon colored exfoliating bark. Great as a perennial border, this tough adaptable shrub tolerates the semi-arid Colorado climate well.