Goodbye winter….helllooooo spring!

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The warm weather is finally here after many months of bone chilling temperatures and it is finally time for us to get outside and have some fun in the sun.  And now that the growing season is back in swing it is a great time to expend some of that new found energy on your landscape.

Assuming you have already taken care of the initial activities to ensure a beautiful landscape such as cleaning out old weeds and dead brush, preparing the soil and pruning; it is time to start planning your design and begin planting.

First and foremost you want to study your yard.  Don’t just look at your yard, consider the home as well.  And be sure to analyze your landscape at different times during the day.  This will help you gain a complete picture of your design.

The next step is to consider the type of shrubbery you want to incorporate.  Take a trip to your local nursery and do some comparison shopping; keeping your total budget in mind along with color and quantity.  But mix it up and have some fun.

Above all, be realistic.  From the type and amount of shrubbery you purchase to the level of commitment you are willing to put in.  We all have wild imaginations that can create this incredible idea of the perfect landscape but we need to ensure we understand the amount of work and money it will take to complete.

Once you have it all in the ground your work is not over.  Make sure to give your yard the proper care it deserves.  Just like us, your yard needs its nutrients; feed it.