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lifescape-quaking aspen

Fall always brings a lot of beautiful colors but then the winter comes along and takes a lot of these colors away.  But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Keep color in your yard alive all year long by brightening up your outdoor containers with some autumn, holiday and winter themes.

For a wonderful autumn theme it is a great idea to incorporate some fire orange and yellows along with some cool shades of purple and blue.  Use cold hardy plants such as kale, mums, pansies and fill in with ornamental grasses, cornstalks, or branch clippings from your landscape for added texture and to extend the life of your container design.  Top it off with some pumpkins for a festive look.

 Autumn theme 2

Autumn theme 1Autumn theme 3

When it comes to winter themes it is a great idea to build upon those evergreens with some bright reds and shades of blue/silver.  Some ideas for a bright red are winterberry holly or redtwig dogwood branches.  Layer in evergreen clippings of pine, cedar and spruce which many times you can clip from your own yard, and to get some blues and silver in the container add clippings of eucalyptus or willow.  Create height in the container with branches in the center (for an added cheerful sparkle affect spray paint the branches) or use a specialty conifer such as a boxwood, dwarf spruce or spiral juniper.  Remember living plants will want to be watered on a warmer winter day!

Winter theme 1

Winter theme 2

Winter theme 3