Staying Safe This Halloween

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The trick or treat season is upon us once again.  Children all over the nation have been searching for that perfect costume in preparation for one of the greatest nights of the year; Halloween.  There will be children running everywhere; from door to door, across the streets and of course across your yard.

Take some time before this weekend to help ensure the safety of all those children that will be visiting your house for that delicious candy.  Here are a few safety tips for you to consider:


It is always a great idea to have your children that are trick-or-treating carry a flashlight but you shouldn’t count on all children to do this so it is a good time to check for those really dark areas in your yard and be sure to keep them as lit as possible.  It is also a great idea to use battery operated candles inside of your jack-o-lanterns to help reduce the risk of fire as these are often knocked or kicked over.

Halloween lighting


Dried flowers, corn stalks and crepe paper are top choices for Halloween decorations but be careful as these types of decorations are highly flammable.  Be sure to keep these away from any open flames, light bulbs or heaters.

Halloween decorations

Trip Hazards

A lot of us like to experiment with many different lighting options and most of these will require some type of extension cord but make sure that any and all cables you use are either buried or taped down between the cracks.  Children will be running at full speed and it can be a cause for a nasty spill if any trip hazards exist.

Halloween trip hazards

Safe Pathways

Lastly, make sure all of your pathways are clearly lit, cleared of uneven or raised cracks and debris and are not blocked by any decorations.  Children have tendency to get scared and they may require a need for a hasty exit.

Halloween safe pathway

From all of us at Lifescape, Have a safe and Happy Halloween!