Awesome Benefits of LED Garden Lighting for Landscapes

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The stars of modern lighting, LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient and durable. Bringing us one step closer to saving the planet, LED light bulbs are a power saving and all-around smart solution. With LED lighting, you can officially welcome both your interior and exterior into the technologically-savvy present day. Below, we have highlighted some of our favorite reasons to use LED garden lighting in your landscape.

Awesome Benefits of LED Garden Lighting for Landscapes
Source: Lifescape Colorado
  • Their lifespan is truly enviable. Amazingly, if left on for 8 hours a day, one LED bulb can be expected to last up to 20 years! Unlike a standard bulb, an LED bulb does not burn out but instead becomes less bright over time.
  • There’s just no excuse not to strive for energy efficiency these days. LED bulbs operate at around 80-90% energy efficiency as compared to 20% for a standard bulb. Consequently, you’ll save on electricity costs and spend less time on maintenance.
  • Free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable, LED lights are environmentally friendly and undeniably green.
  • The sturdy components of LED lights lead to a high level of durability. Because they are able to withstand rough conditions and resist shock and vibrations, LED lighting is great for outdoor use. Wind and rain? No worries!
  • LED bulbs operate at a much lower temperature than incandescent bulbs, which means no unfortunate burnt fingertips.
  • If you’re looking for a way to direct light into a very specific area of your landscape, then LED lighting might be for you. LED illumination systems have the capability to deliver light more competently than conventional lighting.
  • Frequently turning your LED lighting on and off won’t affect its life expectancy or quality of emission. Additionally, LED lights reach full brightness almost immediately as opposed to traditional lights, which may require several seconds.
  • LED lighting is fairly easy to use in an outdoor setting because it works with a low-voltage power supply. This means it can also be used with a solar energy source!

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