Enhance Curb Appeal with a Colorful Garden Plan

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Curb appeal can be achieved with front yard spaces that have a strong and balanced visual aesthetic. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your colorful garden plan enhances your home’s curb appeal for your own enjoyment.

Here are some ideas for creating a colorful landscape design for your Colorado lawn.

Source: Ivy Street Design via Houzz

Plant the curb. If you’re an urban dweller, take advantage of the parking strip – the area between the curb and the sidewalk. Planting this area with colorful flowers can transform a traditionally boring stretch of land. Once you’ve made an effort in this oft-neglected space, your neighbors may follow suit. We recommend planting drought-tolerant plants spaced with rock or mulch, so water requirements will be minimal to none.

Source: Twisted Vine Design via Houzz

Upgrade your mailbox. Make your mailbox a lush and cheerful focal point. Remove a circle of lawn surrounding the mailbox post and replace it with interesting groundcover, climbing flowers and flowering plants of different heights. Just make sure you prune your climbers regularly, so they don’t interfere with mail delivery.

Source: Gardens by Gabriel via Houzz

Integrate pavers. Pavers can be used for walkways, borders, steps and porches. Select attractive pavers in a color that complements your architecture. Consider planting grass seed or groundcover in between pavers spaced at wider intervals to add interest and minimize water consumption.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Think foliage, as well as flowers. Flowers get the bulk of the credit when it comes to colorful landscapes. But leaves can be equally effective at lending texture and color to your front yard landscape. Take a stroll around a nursery or botanical garden and analyze the shapes, patterns and colors (ranging from greens and yellows to reds and purples) found in plant leaves alone. Then, choose some favorites to add to your landscape.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Be bold. If you want a pop of color, grow some bright and contrasting plants in the same plant beds. Or, introduce an explosion of color around your main walk way and porch, and let the colors fade from there.

Contact Lifescape Colorado to design your front yard garden or to maintain your landscape, so it remains interesting and colorful all year long.