A Colorado Gardener’s December Checklist

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For many in Colorado, December’s cold weather offers a great excuse to huddle indoors next to a warm fireplace. However, for the Colorado gardener, December is also the time for specific garden and landscaping tasks. Here is the checklist for making the most of your landscape during this festive, yet chilly month.

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Repair hardscape features

By December, many plants have died or have gone dormant. Furthermore, arbors and trellises that were once covered are now exposed. Therefore, this is a convenient time to repair broken slats and beams.

Also, check your walkways for broken pavers and other safety issues. Fallen leaves or snow covering a walkway can hide these problems and create a tripping hazard.

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Prune evergreens and decorate for the season

Shape up your evergreens and keep them healthier by pruning them. December is a great time for this as most will be dormant or partially dormant. Save the trimmings for wreaths, table centerpieces and other seasonal decorations.

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Add mulch

Landscape maintenance is a year-round activity and mulching plants is a vital part of this process, especially in fall and winter. Even if mulch was applied in autumn, you should check it in December to make sure it has not blown away or lost depth. Mulch should be at least between 3 to 5 inches deep to offer the best protection for your plants.

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Maintain your walkways

Prevent guests from slipping on icy walkways. Use sand on concrete and special de-icing chemicals on wood or tile.

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Add hardy trees and shrubs

Hardy shrubs and trees can be planted any time of the year. If your landscape is lacking winter charm, adding these can bring new life and added visual interest. If you do not want to add them right now, make a note to yourself of the areas in which you wish to plant them in the future.

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