Looking to Redesign Your Landscape? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

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Colorado life is all about the view! In the winter, it’s the snow-capped mountains. But in the spring, it’s all about bright greenery and colorful wildflowers. If you are looking to redesign your Colorado landscape to get the most of your warm-weather views, here are five questions to ask yourself before you get started.

1. “What do I wish I could do outdoors?”

Start thinking about your lifestyle. Maybe you love to entertain and wish you could wine and dine in your backyard. Or, maybe you wish you had a place to escape to outside, such as a yoga and mediation space. And remember, there are no wrong answers here; landscapes can be custom designed to suit any lifestyle!

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2. “What is my design style?”

This answer may come easily, especially if you dabble in the interior design or decorating world. But if you are less sure, try to narrow it down by choose one of the following styles: traditional, rustic, eclectic, contemporary, or minimalist.

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3. “Do I have any landscaping dilemmas?”

No matter where you live in Colorado, dry conditions will be a landscaping obstacle, but does your property pose any other challenges? For example, do you have a sloped yard? Are you limited on outdoor living space? Do you need more privacy in your backyard?

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4. “How green is my thumb?”

The answer will determine how involved you will want to be with your landscape. If pruning and watering sound more like a chore than a joy, for example, your goal should be to achieve a low-maintenance landscape. Try to be honest with yourself. You can have a low-maintenance landscape that is just as beautiful and interesting as it would be if you opted for a high-maintenance landscape, the difference is simply the strategy used when designing your landscape.

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5. “What is my budget?”

Here’s another question you won’t want to underestimate. Try to determine exactly how much you are comfortable spending on your new Colorado landscape design. This way, when you take your project to a pro, you can skip straight to the fun part of what you can do (rather than what you can’t do)!

If you’re ready to start designing your dream landscape, give our experts at Lifescape Associates a call today!