ASLA Reveals the Top Outdoor Living Trends of 2013

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Every year, more and more homeowners are taking a greater interest in expanding their living space outdoors. As the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville notes “… homeowners want to get more enjoyment out of their yards. They want attractive spaces that are both easy to take care of and sustainable.”

ASLA‘s 2013 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey offers insight into what homeowners want out of their outdoor living spaces. The survey also provides a source of inspiration for those looking to make updates to their landscapes. Below is a look at some of the top trends from this year’s survey.

Outdoor living spaces such as kitchens and entertainment spaces ranked among the most popular outdoor design elements with a popularity rating of 94.5 percent. Gardens came in a close second with a rating of 94.4 percent. Recreational amenities (pools, spas, and tennis courts) followed with a popularity rating of 76.3%.

Fire pits and fireplaces were the top choice of outdoor living features, according to the survey, with a popularity rating of 97 percent. Grills, seating/dining areas, lighting, and installed seating (benches, seat walls, ledges, steps, and boulders) also received ratings above 90 percent.

Decorative water elements, including ornamental pools, splash pools, waterfalls, and bubblers, were the clear favorite in the category of outdoor recreation amenities.

Sustainable design elements also stood out in the survey. Native or adaptive drought-tolerant plants were the top choice (83 percent), followed by drip/water-efficient irrigation (82.5 percent), permeable paving (72.8 percent) and reduced lawn (72.6 percent), among others.

Terraces, patios, and decks were the most top choices in the category of outdoor structures for the 2013 survey.

To read more about the landscaping trends from the 2013 survey, visit the ASLA website.

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