Featured Plant: Russian Hawthorne Tree

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For your Colorado landscape to be successful, it’s important to select plants that are as rugged and hearty as our geography. If you’re looking for a tree that does well in our varied climate and high altitude, turn your attention towards the beautiful Russian Hawthorne Tree (Crataegus ambigua).

You don’t have to take our word for it; the Russian Hawthorne was a 2011 Plant Select Winner, chosen for their ability to thrive in the Rocky Mountain region. So what makes them so special?

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Image via Plantselect.org

Healthy and Hearty. These trees are resistant to disease, drought-tolerant, and weather-freezing cold temperatures with nary a quiver. They can live 400+ years!

Four-season interest
. The Russian Hawthorne is beautiful year-round. Their foliage is a vibrant green almost all year and in winter the bark has a gold hue. By spring, they’re covered with sweet white blossom clusters, and their red berries in late summer will delight neighborhood birds.

Spring is the best time to plant Russian Hawthornes. Here is a step-by-step planting guide, courtesy of GardenGuides.com. Please contact Lifescape for more ideas on how to boost the population of regionally appropriate plants and trees in your Colorado landscaping design.